Two kayaks and three lakes, topped off with two smoothies.

I made this for a dinner today with some people who are doing tremendous and tiring work that nobody knows about. This, decaf coffee, a backyard porch, and a July evening. Perfect.

I made this for my students today. The AC really doesn’t work in our classroom and I thought poppyseed cake would help all of us survive the night. I almost didn’t bring it because a good part of the bottom stuck to the pan.  But my students loved it. We took a 15 minute cake break and Vladimir cut a slice for every student. Pietro handed me the first piece. Life is perfect only 4 percent of the time. But he has made everything beautiful in its time. Including busted up bundt cake.

Tuesday morning berry bowl.


Time and memory are rock under our feet.
But the rock journeys on,
higher than we, leading us
to the rock on which to build,
strangely giving wondrous water
for all our searing thirsts.

My kitchen was made for pies.

It’s the summer for tarts.